Canada’s Black Watch CEF 13th, 42nd, 73rd, Reinforcements, 47 Lost First World War Pictures Uncovered.

Can you solve the Canadian Black Watch mystery? Total of 47 pictures assembled by the CBC archives. At 1st by the cap and collar badge, I believed was the 42nd, or 73rd,  however by the recruitment poster on the Armoury door, the reinforcements for, 13th, 42nd, and 73rd Battalion. 13th Batt. First Contingent CEF 1914 wore two style of 5th Regt RHC, Boar head with the 5, cap badge, mainly worn by circa 800 men. All the rest [3] of the parent recruitment regiments contribution, wore the 13th BW style badge, which there are 5 styles, therefore in total, 7 styles worn until Nov. 1916, “Gas School,” when 13th Batt., switched to hackles and khaki balmoral’s [tam’s], same worn as the Scottish Black Watch.

See Link to all 47 pictures.



13th, 42nd, 73rd Batt Black Watch


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