Canadian First World War, Propaganda, Victory Bonds Campaign Posters, 1914-1918.

Circa 7 years ago I acquired copies of enlistment, propaganda, sensitive, campaign, first world war posters from LAC, Library Archives Canada. The collection consists of over 2000 posters from Canada, Briton, France, American, and French Canadian, with other languages depending on the regional area in Canada. 6 years ago around 15 Canadian FWW posters were found on line until I posted over 50, not counting Second World War Posters.

Since I have over 1500, I’ll post several categorise blogs as fallows:-


Canadian First World War, Recruitment, Enlistment, Campaign Posters, 1914-1918.
Canadian, Red Cross, Y.M.C.A. First World War Posters, 1914-1918.
Des Affiches Canadien-Français Durant La Première Guerre Mondiale, 1914-18.


Click on any image and the large poster window will open.



Knights of the Air, Look Hindenburg! My German Heroes!  British Empire Union Once A German Always A German   Honor Flag, Victory Loan 1918.


Nothing Doing Without Victory Bonds. Salvage every little helps.   A Grand All Star Entente Matinée, Victor A. Palace. 1914-18.


40000 Men Needed in Western Canada. Poster to encourage American immigration.    Be yours to be high! Victory Bonds.


Do It Again Daddy Please! Buy Me a Victory Bond.  Grand Exhibition of Naval Photographs in Colour exhibition presented at Prince's Galleries, Piccadilly.  To Maintain the Prosperity of Canada Buy Victory Bonds.


Keep All Canadians Busy World War I Poster for Canadian Victory Bonds  The Wounded Soldier's Return Military Hospital's Commission sensitive campaign.   New Exhibition of Canadian War Photographs.


Tommy Say's Buy Your Victory Bonds  Canadian Corps Fall Champioship Athletic Meet, France. The Hun and The Home.


Canada's Beef Opportunity   Canada Food Board sensitive campaign.      Caricature de l'Empereur d'Allemagne Guillaume II.


Doing My Bit Four Years - Do Yours  victory loan drive.   His Future is in Your Hands! Buy Peace Bonds.   Harry Lauder's Story, This is Kultur.


Knights of Columbus Dominion Wide Appeal war loan drive. War Savings Stamps, Buy Sixteen of These.  Canada's Egg Opportunity   Canada Food Board sensitive campaign.


Canadian Patriotic Fund, Welcome Home. Help Canada Secure Business in Foreign Markets, Buy War Savings Stamps. Stick It Canada, Buy More Victory Bonds.


Victory Bonds Will Help Stop This - Kultur vs Humanity victory loan drive.   They Serve France - How Can I Serve Canada    Canada's Weak Spot.


Pave the .Way to Victory, Buy Victory Bonds.         Your Maxim, Buy War Bonds.


Back Him Up! Buy Victory Bonds victory loan drive.   Canada's War Savings Pledge, Your Dollars Grow.   Canadian War Photographs in Color   exhibition presented at Grafton Galleries.


Come On! Let's Finish the Job, Buy Victory Bonds.   Faith In Canada, Victory Bonds.   How the Hun Hates.


The Circus is Going to Belong to Me, Buy Thrift Stamps   thrift stamps drive. The Patriotic Fund Will Care for You.   Our Export Trade Is Vital victory loan drive.


To Canadian Women of Canada 1914-18.  Victory Bonds, Cash Quick.   Yours Not to Do And Die, Buy Victory Bonds, 1918.


Bring him home, Victory Bonds Archives publiques de l'Ontario, I0016171 Canada's Butter Opportunity. Archives publiques de l'Ontario, I0016360


Canada's Pork Opportunity. Archives publiques de l'Ontario, I0016364 Canadian War Memorial Exhibition exhibition presented at the Royal Academy. Come Into the Garden Dad. Archives publiques de l'Ontario, I0016363



4 Reasons, Victory Bonds Archives publiques de l'Ontario, I0016191 Now Victory Bonds Archives publiques de l'Ontario, I0016168


Our best customer, Victory Bonds Archives publiques de l'Ontario, I0016143  Re Establish Him, Victory Bonds Archives publiques de l'Ontario, I0016145  Organize for the 100% Class, Victory Loan 1919.


Waste Not  Want Not  Prepare for Winter  Come Into the Garden Dad! University Of Toronto Archives.



Canada in Khaki. University Of Toronto Archives    Buy Victory Bonds and Help Win the War.



Canadians! Lend Your Gold and Win the War, The Indespensable Money Bomb.  S.O.S. Buy Bonds.  The Canadian Mother, Vote Union Government.



All Canada Your Security, Victory Bonds.  Have You Bought Your Victory Bonds.  Increase Your Income, Victory Bonds.



Thrift Stamps, National Saving.   Victory Bonds, You Can Sell at Any Time.   Prince of Wales` Flag, Victory Loan 1919.



Subscriber, Victory Loan 1918.     $100.00 Earns in Your Pocket, Victory Bonds.



Ahoy Canadians! Have you Tried Pacific Flat Fish and Codfish Yet.   Ahoy Canadians! Use More Fish and Save Meat.



Invalided Soldiers Commission Carries on Vocational Training.  Invalided Soldiers Commission, Artificial Limbs.  Victory Over Wounds, The Soldiers Return.





One thought on “Canadian First World War, Propaganda, Victory Bonds Campaign Posters, 1914-1918.

  1. Because I can, was one too first post these posters over a decade ago, others passed by Copied all, do You know how long It took me too gather them, therefore someone comes along and uses them…Online many sites have tags on photos, etc., many I have are certainly not from LAC. Go to LAC and fined them without watermarks….


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