Canadian, Red Cross, Y.M.C.A. First World War Posters, 1914-1918.

Circa 7 years ago I acquired copies of enlistment, propaganda, sensitive, campaign, first world war posters from LAC, Library Archives Canada. The collection consists of over 2000 posters from Canada, Briton, France, American, and French Canadian, with other languages depending on the regional area in Canada. 6 years ago around 15 Canadian FWW posters were found on line until I posted over 50, not counting Second World War Poster.


Since I have over 1500, I’ll post several categorise blogs:


Canadian First World War, Recruitment, Enlistment, Campaign Posters, 1914-1918.

Canadian First World War, Propaganda, Victory Bond, Campaign Posters, 1914-1918.

Des Affiches Canadien-Français Durant La Première Guerre Mondiale, 1914-18.

Click on any image and the large poster window will open.


Posters as fallows:





London, What the Canadian Y.M.C.A. Will do For You While There.   Y.M.C.A. Red Triangle Fund, Cheer Up Bill.  Y.M.C.A. Red Triangle Fund, If We Hadn't The Y Out Here.




Y.M.C.A. A Red Triangle Fund, From a Soldier's Letter.   Y.M.C.A. Red Triangle Fund, Till the Boys Come Home.  Canadian Y.M.C.A. Beaver Hut.




CDN Y.M.C.A. London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ireland; The Old Country in General.  A Faith for the Firing Line at the Y.M.C.A. Huts.



Patriotic Fund, Keep Them Happy.   Help the Red Cross, Funds Wanted for Hospital Supplies.  Help Swell the Y.M.C.A. War Fund.



CARRY ON! BUY VICTORY BONDS.  The Red Cross Merritton Day. Patriotic Fund, See it Through Ottawa.



Help Your Red Cross. The Greatest Mother in the World red cross recruitment campaign. Missing! Red Cross.


Is There a Red Cross Service Flag in Your Home red cross recruitment campaign, 1917.    Red Cross Archives publiques de l'Ontario



Show Our Boys Again Archives of Ontario, I0016377  Croix Rouge Canadienne en France.



Our Boys Must Face the Ravages of War.   Join The Queen's Field Ambulance.



Save a Life, Canadian Red Cross.  Strike a Blow Today, Canadian Red Cross.

British Red Cross:






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