The Royal Military College of Canada, Annual Militia Reports, For 1914.

                                                                                                               APPENDIX C.

                                                          REPORT OF THE COMMANDANT OF THE ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE.

Kingston’, Ont. June 25, 1914.

  • From the Commandant, Royal Military College, to the Secretary Militia Council, Ottawa.

Sir,—I have the honour to report as follows on the result of the past College year:—



There were 129 Cadets at the College at the beginning of the year. Four casualties have occurred:—One Cadet was removed for misconduct, one was discharged as medically unfit, one left at the request of his parents, and one, I deeply regret to say, was killed by an accident. This leaves a total at the College now of 125. By the death by accident of Gentleman Cadet G. S. Fry, on March 20, last, a young life was cut off which was greatly respected and loved by all those who knew him, I take this opportunity of again expressing the deep sympathy of the whole College with his family.


With one individual exception the conduct and discipline of the Cadets has been highly satisfactory. I am much pleased with their general tone and the assistance which they all, and the 1st Class in particular, have given me and the rest of the Staff in maintaining the high standard of the College.


The health of the Cadets has been very good. There have been only six cases of infectious disease, viz., five chicken pox and one measles.


Colonel Crowe, the late Commandant, left the College on July 2, 1913, at the expiration of his term of service. I succeeded him as Commandant on December 12, 1913, Lieut.-Col. T. Birchall Wood having acted as Commandant during the interval. At the close of this term, I regret to say, the College will lose the specially valuable services as Professor of Survey, of Major A. J. Wolff. R.E. the period of his appointment having expired.


During the past College year a new Gun and Model Shed has been taken into use; and the old Gun Shed has been removed, to the great improvement of the College. The new Dormitory has been completed except the furnishings, and some minor fittings; these are now in hand and it is hoped it will be occupied next term. The building of the new Drill Hall is to begin shortly.


On June 2nd last the College was honoured by a visit by His Royal Highness the Governor-General, who was accompanied by Their Royal Highnesses the Duchess of Connaught and the Princess Patricia.The Minister of Militia, with General Sir Ian Hamilton, visited the College on Diploma Day last year and gave away the prizes.


In the cricket week last year the Cadets were successful in all matches. The College entered last year the Senior League of the Intercollegiate Football and were successful in two games. The College again won the championship of the Intermediate Hockey Series. Gentleman Cadet Morris was first home in the Harrier Intercollegiate Meeting.

                                                                                                   ENTRANCE EXAMINATION.

Of the 89 candidates who competed at the Entrance Examination this year 56 qualified. The number that can be admitted has not yet been decided.


Training at the Royal Military College of Canada.

Training at the Royal Military College of Canada.



The following will be recommended for commissions:—

Imperial Commissions—

  • Gentleman Cadet, C. V. Strong…….Royal Engineers.
  • …..” “………” “…C. W. A. Barwis…….Indian Army.

Canadian Permanent Force Commissions—

  • Gentleman Cadet, J. F. Preston……Royal Canadian Artillery.
  • …..” “……..” “….T. H. Roberts…..Royal Canadian Horse Artillery.


The following are awarded diplomas:—

With honours:—

  • Gentleman Cadet Sergt. W. F. Hadley.
  • …..” “……” “…. Sergt. H. S. Matthews.
  • …..” “……” “…. Company Sergt.-Maj. C. V. Fessenden.
  • …..” “……” “…. Battalion Sergt.-Maj. or C. B. R. Macdonald.
  • …..” “……” “…. Corporal L. K. Greene.
  • …..” “……” “…. Company Sergt.-Maj. or C. V. Strong.
  • …..” “……” “…. Cpl. J. S. B. Macpherson.
  • …..” “……” “…. Company Sergeant-Major L. Drummond.
  • …..” “……” “…. Cpl. F. S. Rankin.

Diplomas of Graduation:—

  • Gentleman Cadet Corporal H. H. Blake.
  • …..” “……” “…. Sergt. B. H. Mackenzie.
  • …..” “……” “…. Sergt. I. R. R. Maenaughton.
  • …..” “……” “…. L-Cpl. W. G. Kerr.
  • …..” “……” “…. L-Cpl. B. D. Rogers.
  • …..” “……” “…. Sergt. C. W. A. Barwis.
  • …..” “……” “…. Sergeant K. O. McMurtry.
  • …..” “……” “…. Corporal J. J. B. St. Laurent.
  • …..” “……” “…. Cpl. F. M. Gibson.
  • …..” “……” “…. Lance-Cpl. J. K. Cronyn.
  • …..” “……” “…. L-Cpl. F. Fyshe.
  • …..” “……” “…. Cpl. W. Vander Smissen.
  • …..” “……” “…. L-Cpl. D. IT. Kittermaster.
  • …..” “……” “…. L-Cpl. J. F. Preston.
  • …..” “……” “…. L-Cpl. A. H. A. Morphy.
  • …..” “……” “…. L-Cpl. A. McGoun.
  • …..” “……” “…. L-Cpl. D. C. Greey.
  • …..” “……” “…. Cpl. W. H. Shoenberger.
  • …..” “……” “…. L-Cpl. N. A. Sparks.
  • …..” “……” “…. Sergt. J. A. Dennistoun.
  • …..” “……” “…. L-Cpl. H. S. Parker.
  • …..” “……” “…. L-Cpl. H. O. D. Wilkins.
  • …..” “……” “…. Company-Sergt.-Maj. J. H. Roberts.
  • …..” “……” “…. L-Cpl. D. E. A. Rispen.
  • …..” “……” “…. L-Cpl. A. D. Walker.
  • …..” “……” “…. L-Cpl. E. I. LT. Ings.
  • …..” “……” “…. L-Cpl. H. E. M. Ince.
  • …..” “……” “…. L-Cpl. C. B. Pitblado.


Royal Military College of Canada, Reports 1914.

Royal Military College of Canada, Reports 1914.

Royal Military College of Canada, Reports 1914.

Royal Military College of Canada, Reports 1914.


                                                                                                               APPENDIX D.

                                                              REPORT OF THE BOARD OF VISITORS, ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE.

Ottawa, May 2G, 1914.

  • From the Adjutant-General, Canadian Militia, to the Secretary, Militia Council,


  • Sir,—I have the honour to forward herewith the Report of the Meetings of the

Board of Visitors, Royal Military College, held at Kingston, Ont, on the 27th, 28th,

29th and 30th April last.

  • I have the honour to be, sir, our obedient servant, VICTOR A. S. WILLIAMS, Colonel, Adjutant-General, Chairman, Board of Visitors.



The Board held a preliminary meeting at 4.00 p.m. on the 27th March, 1914, and assembled at the Royal Military College, Kingston, Ont., at 9.30 a.m. on the 28th idem and following days.


  • Chairman.—Colonel V. A. S. Williams, A.D.C., Adjutant-General.
  • Members.—The Right Reverend C. L. Worrell, Bishop of Nova Scotia; Honorary

Colonel J. A. M. Aikins, M.P., 99th Manitoba Rangers; Major R. W. Leonard, Corps of Guides.

  • Secretary.—Colonel J. S. Dunbar, Assistant Adjutant-General, Militia Headquarters. Colonel W. G. Gwatkin, Chief of the General Staff, and Major G. B. Hughes, 50th Regiment Highlanders, were unavoidably unable to attend and Lieutenant-Colonels Ernest F. Wurtele, Commanding the 19th Infantry Brigade, H. J. Lamb, Corps of Guides, and Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel, the Reverend Canon Dauth, were absent on account of illness.

The Board inspected the buildings and grounds and enquired into the several departments of the institution and beg to report as follows:—

                                                                                                       INSTRUCTIONAL STAFF.

Colonel L. R. Carleton, D.S.O., the Essex Regiment, succeeded Colonel J. H. V. Crowe as Commandant. The Commandant reported that the following changes had been made in the Staff of the College during the past’ year: Captain S. A. Thompson, Northamptonshire

Regiment, and Captain P. A. Meldon, Royal Artillery, replaced Major J. P. Shine, Royal Marine Light Infantry, and Major F. R. Sedgwick, Royal Artillery, respectively, as Professors of Military Topography, and Tactics; Mr. W. L. Mulloy was appointed Assistant Instructor in English Literature; Lieutenant-Colonel T. B. Wood, General Staff, was replaced by Captain C. A Kerr, Royal Artillery, and Captain V. E. Gwyer, 10th Jhats, Indian Army, succeeded Major Gardiner who returned to India at the conclusion of his year of deputation. The Commandant stated that the Officers’ Classes were:—

  • (a) One candidate prepared for the Staff College;
  • (b) 16 Officers attended the Practical Portion of the Militia Staff Course in August, all of whom qualified;
  • (c) 10 Officers attended the Long Course;
  • (d) 5 Officers attended the Refresher Course;
  • (e) 3 Officers attending the present Long Course;
  • (f) 2 Officers attending the present Staff College Course.

The Board for the third time again strongly urge that a second Instructor in Mathematics and in French be appointed before next term.


Royal Military College, Kaulback, Rathbun 1899.

Royal Military College, Kaulback, Rathbun 1899.


                                                                                                     SUBORDINATE STAFF.

The Commandant reported that the Subordinate Staff continued to give satisfaction but that an extra clerk was required for the departments of the Paymaster and Quartermaster, owing to the larger number of cadets and to other causes. The Board recommend that one more be detailed to the College.


One hundred and twenty-five Gentleman Cadets were in attendance at the date of the Board’s visit.

                                                                                                  ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS.

Of the 114 candidates who competed at the last Entrance Examinations, 50 were successful and were admitted to the College. Eighty-eight have applied to undergo the examinations this year. The Commandant considers that the educational qualifying standard for admission to the College is too low. The Board concur in his suggestion that the minimum of marks in the obligatory subjects be raised from 33 per cent to 50 per cent. Representations have been made to the Board complaining of sudden changes in the syllabus and text books. The Board recommend that, as long a notice as possible should be given in future. Representations have also been made to the Board concerning the announcements of the results of the Entrance Examinations, and the Board recommend that information concerning the results be mailed to all the colleges concerned concurrently with the notice to the Press. The Board recommend for consideration the suggestion made by some colleges that, to suit their teaching and examination terms, the date of the Entrance Examinations should be changed from May to June. The Board also recommend that great care be taken concerning strict compliance with the physical standard for entrance.

                                                                                           SYLLABUS OF INSTRUCTION.

In order that the College should keep abreast of the standards and requirements of the universities, the Board consider that it is advisable that an educationist from one of the universities, who would keep in constant touch with the Commandant throughout the year, be appointed a member of the Board of Visitors and respectfully suggest that one be selected from Queen’s University. The Commandant considered that a mistaken endeavour to specialize in Artillery (especially Garrison Artillery) and Military Engineering had been made at the cost of inadequate grounding in the Tactics of all arms and in Musketry, and stated that arrangements had been made to effect a change while still giving a good, practical course in Artillery and Military Engineering. The Board concur in this principle.


Royal Military College of Canada, Reports 1914.

Royal Military College of Canada, Reports 1914.



Six commissions in the Imperial Army and four in the Permanent Force were given to last year’s graduates.


Part of the first class were seen mounted, the second class at artillery drill in the new gun shed and the third class at work in the gymnasium. The following medical statistics show the average increase by classes since the last visit of the Board of Visitors:— 

First Class.—No. in class, 38—

  • Average age, 20 years 6 months.
  • Height, 111-inch.
  • Weight, 7 lbs.
  • Chest, 2/3 inch.
  • Fore Arm, 2/3 inch.
  • Upper Arm, 2/3 inch.

Second Class.—No. in Class, 84—

  • Average age, 20 years 1 month.
  • Height, 111-inch.
  • Weight, 6 lbs.
  • Chest, 2/3 -inch.
  • Fore Arm, 1/2 inch.
  • Upper Arm, 1/2 inch.

Third Class.—No. in Class, 58—

  • Average age, 18 years 6 months.
  • Height, 1/4 inch.
  • Weight, 8 3.4 lbs.
  • Chest, 2 1/2 inches.
  • Fore Arm, 1 inch.
  • Upper Arm, 1 1/4 inches.


Royal Military College, 1913.

Royal Military College, 1913.



The Board strongly urge that the recommendations of the Boards of the past three years that a covered riding school be built within the College grounds be acted upon. In winter, the Cadets lose a great deal of training in riding owing to the want of one.


The Commandant reported that while the discipline of the Cadets had been generally good, he had considered it necessary to make certain changes in the character development, system of discipline and training of the Cadets. These were explained to the members of the Board, who declared that they were in full accord with them, they being according to the latest British principles and in the best interests of the College.


Although it was understood that the messing arrangements were completely worked by the Canadian Permanent Army Service Corps, it was ascertained on enquiry that this unit’s present duties consisted solely of keeping the accounts in connection with the supplies furnished to the College and not in having the requisitions filled by the contractors and in inspecting the quality and quantity ordered in proportion to the number of Cadets to be fed. Complaints were made by some of the senior Cadets that at times the quantity of food was insufficient and the quality poor. The Board therefore recommend that the messing arrangements in connection with the College be made by the Canadian Permanent Army Service Corps in the same manner as is done by it with units of the Permanent Force.


The Commandant reported that there had been delay again this year in the supply of the Cadets’ clothing, chiefly that of the recruits, and that he had reason to find fault with some of the fitting and workmanship. Complaints were also made by some of the Cadets that while the tan boots issued from Stores were good, the black boots were unsatisfactory and did not wear well. The Board were pleased to learn that the khaki uniform was to be done away with and recommend that the tendency should be towards simplifying the uniforms so as to avoid an increase in expenditure to the Cadets. The Board further recommend that the former system of keeping a stock of clothing, boots and gloves in the Quartermasters’ Stores be revived MUSKETRY. The Cadets are still without an outdoor rifle range and the Board recommend that one be built within the College grounds. Very good work was again done on the miniature rifle range. The Commandant reported that the classification of musketry for 1913-14 was as follows:—


Royal Military College of Canada, Reports 1914.

Royal Military College of Canada, Reports 1914.


                                                                                                 HEALTH AND SANITATION.

The health of the Cadets during the past year was reported as having been good. The two Forbes Sterilizing Plants, which were installed last year in the Educational and old Dormitory buildings give satisfaction. It is regretted that the recommendation of the Board last year that a similar plant be installed in the new dormitory building has not been acted upon. Although last year’s Board drew particular attention to the unsatisfactory and inadequate ventilation of the class rooms during the winter months, nothing whatever has been done to remedy matters. Owing to all the class rooms being over-crowded, it is most important that something be done in this regard before next term. The lavatories and bath-rooms were clean and in good order.


The hospital was inspected and found to be in a satisfactory condition and fully equipped.


The workshop was found to be up to date and in good order.


The kitchens and pantries were neat and well kept. One of the ranges, however, requires to be repaired if not renewed. The new steam cooking apparatus recently installed was reported to be very satisfactory.


Owing to its being so cramped, the library is not patronized as much as it should be. The Board regret that the recommendations of previous Boards that it be enlarged have not been acted upon.


The holidays are the same as in former years, viz.: 2 weeks at Christmas, four days at Easter and a little over 2 months in summer.


Old Fort from Royal Military College, 1913, Kingston Ont.

Old Fort from Royal Military College, 1913, Kingston Ont.



The College again did well in the athletic competitions for which it entered, having won the Intercollegiate Hockey Championship and all its cricket matches but one. The want of suitable row boats is still apparent.

                                                                                                      LANDS AND GROUNDS.

The renewal of the sidewalks is a marked improvement, but it was noted by the Board that some of the concrete walks appeared to be of poor quality as they were not wearing well. The Tennis Courts were in good order for the season of the year and the additional Football ground will be much appreciated. The appearance of the grounds generally is much enhanced by the removal of the old Gun and Model Shed. The grounds near the new stables and grooms’ quarters were tidy and well kept.

                                                                                                                   GUN SHED.

The new Gun and Model Shed, which has just been completed, is a great improvement.


The new Dormitory Building, which is now almost ready for occupation, was found to be commodious and up to date in every particular. For the fifth year in succession, the Board cannot urge too strongly that increased accommodation in the Educational Building be provided without delay. The following buildings are most urgently needed and without them, the good work of the College is being hindered to a very great extent:—

  • (a) Quarters for the six additional Subordinate Staff who will be required when the new Dormitory is occupied in September.
  • (b) Extension of the Educational Building (to include more class rooms, Laboratory, Lecture Hall, Ante-Room, Mess Room, Library, Staff Reading Room, etc.).
  • (c) Officers’ Quarters.
  • (d) Riding School.
  • (e) Renovation of the interior of the present Educational Building and of the old Dormitory.
  • (f) Quarters for the Riding Master.

                                                                                                    PENSIONS FOR CIVIL STAFF.

The Board can only regret that nothing has been done on the recommendations of previous Boards that provision be made for a retiring allowance for members of the Civil Staff. They, therefore, recommend that these gentlemen be appointed in future for one year or for a short term of years and not indefinitely as at present. This course of annual employment being that followed effectively in high schools, collegiate institutes and universities. The Board also regret that the Pension Act of 1901 has so far not been amended so as to provide that the time spent at the College by Cadets shall count towards pension should they become officers of the Permanent Staff or Permanent Force of Canada.


The Board suggest that the syllabus of subjects for the Entrance Examinations be included in the Regulations for the Royal Military College, as an appendix.


The College was visited during the year by the Honourable the Minister of Militia and Defence and by General Sir T. S. M. Hamilton, O.C.B., D.S.O., Inspector General of the Overseas Forces. The Chairman and Members of the Board desire to express their thanks to the Commandant and the Staff Adjutant for their kind assistance during their visit to the College.


  • VICTOR A. S. WILLIAMS. Colonel, Adjutant-General, Chairman,, Board of Visitors.
  • J. A. M. AIKINS, Hon’y Colonel, The “99th Manitoha Rangers.”
  • R. W. LEONARD, Major, Corps of Guides.
  • CLARE L. WORRELL, Bishop of Nova Scotia.
  • J. S. DUNBAR, Colonel, Asst. Adjutant-General, Secretary, Board of Visitors.






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