Canada’s “Cadet Corps” Militia & Defence Report, Year Ending Dec. 31st 1889.

                                                                                                      APPENDIX No. 1. 1889.

                                                       REPORT OF THE GENERAL OFFICER COMMANDING THE MILITIA.

  • Ottawa, December, 1889.


On the 12th May I attended a church parade, at Toronto, of the 10th Royal Grenadiers, and I must say that I never saw a smarter looking Regiment of Militia in this or any other country. On the 24th May, Queen’s Birthday, I inspected at Montreal a force formed as follows:—

  • Montreal Troop of Cavalry, commanded by Captain McArthur.
  • Montreal Field Battery, commanded by Lieut.-Col. Stevenson.
  • Montreal Brigade Garrison Artillery, commanded by Lieut.-Col. Turnbull.
  • Governor General’s Foot Guards, Ottawa, commanded by Lieut.-Col. Tilton.
  • 5th Battalion, Royal Scots, commanded by Lieut.-Col. Caverhill.
  • 6th Battalion, Fusiliers, Lieut.-Col. Massey.
  • 1st Battalion, Prince of Wales’ Regiment, Lieut.-Col. Bond.
  • 3rd Battalion, Victoria Rifles, Major Radiger.
  • 65th Battalion, Mount Royal Rifles, Lieut.-Col. Dugas.
  • 2nd Battalion, Queen’s Own Rifles, Toronto, Major Delamere.
  • St. Mary’s College Company. (Cadets). 

“A pleasing incident in this field day was the attendance of two companies of St. Mary’s College lads, who did remarkably well on parade.”

  • I have the honor to be, Sir, Your obedient servant, FRED. MIDDLETON, Major General, Commanding Militia of Canada.
  • To The Hon. Sir A. P. Caron, K.C.M.G-.,Minister of Militia and Defence.


                                                                                                    MILITARY DISTRICT No. 2.

  • New Fort Barracks, Toronto,
  • 10th November, 1889.


                                                                                                          Drill Associations.

                                                                                                             Public Schools. 

On the 18th June I inspected the Public Schools Drill Association, of Toronto, under the charge of Captain Thompson, Adjutant 12th York Rangers. Some thirty Companies paraded (an increase of ten over last year), numbering 900 boys, and I had every reason to express satisfaction with the drill and steadiness exhibited. No uniform is worn by these boys, but about half are provided with wooden rifles, and these perform the Manual and Firing Exercises most creditably. The Association is sustained entirely by the Public School Board, which takes the greatest possible interest in the drill of the boys.

Upper Canada College Cadet Corps. This Corps has, I am sorry to say, only been drilling at intervals for two years, and I have not therefore been able to inspect it during that time. The reason assigned by the College authorities for this is that the boys grow out of their uniforms so quickly it is Impossible, unless at great expense, to keep them equipped—a contingency which can easily be understood. The Corps has seventy-live stand of arms and accoutrements in its possession, all of which have been regularly inspected by the Brigade Major and found complete and in order. The rifle issued is the Peabody, which, as I reported after my inspection in 1887, is too heavy for boys. If the Corps is maintained I would recommend that this rifle be exchanged for the Short Snider or Snider Carbine.


                                                                                                              Drill Sheds.

The site for the new Drill Shed, Toronto, it is said, will soon be ready to hand over to the Government, after which, as money has been voted for the building, there should be no delay in beginning work.

  • I have the honor to be, Sir, Your obedient servant, W. D. OTTEB, Lieut.-Col., Deputy Adjutant General, Military District No. 2.


                                                                                      MILITARY DISTRICTS Nos. 3 AND 4.

  • Headquarters, Kingston Ont.,
  • 11th November, 1889.
  • Sir,—I have the honor to forward, for the information of the Major General Commanding, my annual report on the state of Corps under my command for the year 1889.


Canadian cadets du séminaire de Québec.

Canadian cadets du séminaire de Québec.


                                                                                                      Military District No. 3.

                                                                                                       Drill Shed, Kingston.

The lease of this property will expire in June next, when the Governing Body of Queen’s College will require the ground. This has been reported to Headquarters. I would strongly urge that steps be taken without delay to procure a new site for Drill Shed and recreation rooms; otherwise, the city Corps cannot be maintained in a state of efficiency. I also hope that some steps may be taken to convert the Government land on the Heights of Barriefield Common into a permanent Camp ground for the two Districts. The 1st Prince of Wales Rifles from Montreal visited the city, remaining here two days. The Regiment attended Divine Service on the Sunday, and on the following day took part in a review on Dominion Day. On both occasions the Corps turned out strong, and looked remarkably well. Mr. Murphy, one of Kingston’s loyal citizens, placed a large building at the disposal of the Colonel, where the men put up during their stay” Their conduct was excellent throughout their visit. Cadet Companies. In compliance with instructions, I have communicated with Head Masters of Schools in both Military Districts 3 and 4, where arms have been issued, and I find that very little has been done at any College. The Peterboro’ College returned the equipment into store some years ago, finding it impossible to keep up a Company. The Head Master of the Port Hope School reports the same, and I have directed him to return equipment into store. I have made arrangements to visit the Ottawa and Morrisburg Colleges this month, and will report result of my inspection later on.

  • I have the honor to be, Sir, Your obedient servant, B. YAN STBAUBENZEE, Lt.-Colonel Deputy Adjutant-General, Commanding Military Districts Nos. 3 and 4.
  • To the Adjutant General of Militia, Headquarters, Ottawa.


                                                                                                  MILITARY DISTRICT No. 5.

  • Headquarters, Montreal,
  • 31st October, 1889.


                                                                                                Review on Queen’s Birthday.

On the 24th May I assembled all the Montreal City Corps of the 5th Military District on Fletchers Field, in review order, in honor of Her Majesty’s 70th Birthday anniversary, and on that occasion we were joined by “B” Company, R.S.I., the Governor General’s Foot Guards from Ottawa, the 2nd Queen’s Own from Toronto, and the 65th Mount Royal Rifles from No. 6 Military District, also the Cadet Corps from the Jesuits’ College at Montreal, amounting altogether to some 3,000 men of all arms. The Hon. Sir A. P. Caron, KC.M.G, Minister of Militia and Defence, was present on the occasion, and Lieut. -General Sir F. D. Middleton, K.C.M.G., Commanding the Militia of Canada, who commanded the review in person.

  • I have the honor to be, Sir, Your obedient servant, C. F. HOUGHTON, Lt.-Colonel, Deputy Adjutant-General, Military District No. 5.
  • To the Adjutant-General of Militia, Headquarters, Ottawa.


                                                                                                 MILITARY DISTRICT No. 6.

  • Brigade Office, Montreal,
  • 15th November, 1889.


  • Sir,—I have the honor to submit, for the information of the General Commanding, my first report on the Militia of the 6th Military District.


                                                                                                 Drill Sheds and Armouries.

As a rule, the arms of attached Companies are kept in all kinds of tenements by the Captains, who receive for their care $40 a year. Having been allowed to inspect the District once on taking command, I am happy to state that I have the greatest hopes to remedy the general evil of having the arms and accoutrements stored in private houses and garrets. Wherever I have been able to go, as yet, I have applied to Municipal Councils to come forward and show that our organization was not one of personal’ but public interest ; and some have well responded to the call. Three Rivers has given to its Company the old Firemen’s Hall as an Armory; Valleyfield has promised to give a building to its two Companies, while in some other places the Captains have willingly paid a large part of their allowance for better accommodation; and Beauharnois is moving to build a Head quarters Armory for its two Companies. The 64th and 86th Battalions are the only Corps whose Armories I have been able to inspect so far.

                                                                                                       Drill Associations.

The early date fixed to inspect these Associations, which, as a rule, are only formed in the Colleges at the beginning of winter, when outside games are ended, prevents me from giving a full report upon their state and organization, as when I wanted to inspect them most of the College Superiors asked me to postpone my visit. This fall’s inspection will come into my next annual report, or be the subject of a supplementary report. I can only say that to the list given to me must be added two more Colleges that I have found in possession of arms—that of St. Lawrence, near Montreal, and that of Ste. Marie du Manoir.

  • I have the honor to be, Sir, Your obedient servant, G. d’ORSONNENS, Lt.-Colonel, Deputy Adjutant-General, Military District No. 6.
  • To the Adjudant-General of Militia, Ottawa.


Canadian Cadets du Séminaire St. Charles Borromée, Sherbrooke, Que. 1903-07.

Canadian Cadets du Séminaire St. Charles Borromée, Sherbrooke, Que. 1903-07.


                                                                                                 MILITARY DISTRICT No. 7.

  • Militia Office, Quebec,
  • 10th November, 1889.


                                                                                                                  Drill Hall.

The Drill Hall is in a very bad condition, the rain in wet weather coming through the roof in every direction; through the imperfect heating of the building the cement and plaster are tumbling down: this will cause serious damages, and entail further expenditure. I would again urge the necessity of making drains around the building, in order to insure dryness in the inside. I have in this year’s estimate of work and repairs to be done in my District given in detail all the several items.

                                                                                                          Rifle Associations.


Rifle Associations have kept up their annual meetings, and practice has been carried out daily by Corps in and around Quebec.

                                                                                                         Drill Associations.

                                                                    The Quebec Seminary and Normal School Drill Companies.

These two Companies have been drilling regularly through the year, under Captain Freve, the Instructor. They were inspected by me on the 9th May, 1889, in the Drill Hall. I beg to report favourably on the efficiency obtained by them. The drill in Battalion and Company was well done, and in a manner to vie successfully with City Corps of longer standing. The manual and firing were smartly executed; the march-past was good. The Seminary band played during the movements. I expect further progress next year.


                                                                                       Quebec High School Drill Company.

This Cadet Corps was inspected on the 10th June, 1889, and drilled exceedingly well. For boys of so immature an age they showed great smartness and steadiness in drill. The several movements were performed under the command of their own Officers’ who gave their commands well and performed their duties efficiently. The smaller boys had no rifles, but manoeuvred smartly. The physical exercises, under the command of Master Beckett, were admirably done, and with great ensemble. Sword exercise was also performed in a creditable manner. Sergeant Woods, “B” Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery, the Instructor, reported to me that a great deal of goodwill and attention was shown by the boys during the hours of instruction. Since my inspection of this Company, two of the boys, Masters Farley and Lamb, have entered the Royal Military College at Kingston, after very creditable examinations.


  • I have the honor to be, sir, Your obedient servant, T. J. DUCHESNAY, Lt.-Colonel, Deputy Adjutant General, Military District No. 1.
  • The Adjutant General of Militia, Ottawa.


Mario Michaud Capitaine de la Compagnie des tout petits, au Mont Saint Louis de Montreal, Canada.

Mario Michaud Capitaine de la Compagnie des tout petits, au Mont Saint Louis de Montreal, Canada.


                                                                                                  MILITARY DISTRICT No. 8.

  • Headquarters, Fredericton,
  • 31st October, 1889.


                                                                                                         Rifle Associations.

The following Rifle Associations held competitions, and the returns of matches have been transmitted to Headquarters:—

  • New Brunswick Provincial Rifle Association.
  • St. John County Rifle Association.
  • King’s County………do……
  • York County……………
  • Carleton County……do……
  • Northumberland County…do…
  • Charlotte County……do…
  • Westmoreland County….do..

                                                                                                         Drill Companies.

I regret that the Drill Companies in connection with the New Brunswick University, and St. John Grammar School have not drilled regularly of late. I beg that they be removed from the list of efficient College and School Companies, in accordance with the instructions contained in circular letter of 3rd August last.

  • I have the honor to be, Sir, Your most obedient servant, GEO. J. MAUNSELL, Lieut-Colonel, D. A. G. Commanding Military District No. 8.
  • To Colonel Powell, Adjutant General, Ottawa.


                                                                                                 MILITARY DISTRICT No. 10.

  • Deputy Adjutant-General’s Office,
  • Winnipeg, 3rd November, 1889.


                                                                                                         Rifle Associations.

The number of Rifle Associations in the District is the same as last year, viz., eleven in the Province of Manitoba and nine in the North-West Territories, and the greatest interest is taken in rifle practice, the amount of ammunition issued out of the stores on repayment being nearly double that of last year, which was 65,000 rounds. Several of these Associations affiliated with the “Dominion of Canada Rifle Association, but as the members of the Association in the North-West Territories (where at present there is no Active Militia) are debarred from shooting in any of the Military matches, either at Ottawa or Winnipeg, they do not care to take part in the Annual Rifle Meetings of these Associations, as they cannot compete for a place on the Wimbledon Team. This, I hope, may be changed before long. I had the pleasure of being present when His Excellency opened the Regina Rifle Range, and I must say that I was surprised to find so safe and complete a range and the whole expense borne by the members, who are all enthusiastic rifle shots.

                                                                                                                Drill Sheds.

The Winnipeg Drill Shed is the only one in the District at present.


  • I have the honor to be, Sir, Your obedient servant, H. Y. YILLIEES, Lt.-Colonel, Deputy Adjutant-General Commanding District No. 10.
  • To the Adjutant-General of Militia, Headquarters, Ottawa.










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