Canada’s “Cadet Corps Roots,” Militia Regulations & Orders For 1887.

                                                                                                    DRILL AND TRAINING.


                                                                                                 Rifle and Drill Associations.

  1. Her Majesty may sanction the organization of Rifle associations, and of associations for purposes of drill to be composed of Militia officers, or of men on the Militia rolls, and of independent companies of infantry composed of professors, masters or pupils of universities, schools or other public institution, or of persons engaged in or about the same, under such regulations as may, from time to time, be approved by Her Majesty; but such associations or companies shall not be provided with any clothing or allowance therefore. 49 Vic, chap. 41, sec. 76.
  2. Staff and other officers of the Active Militia are on all occasions to use their influence to give effect to the efforts of those immediately responsible for the conduct of the annual competitions of the various Rifle Associations. They will promulgate within the limits of their respective commands all notices forwarded to them by the Association, and specially direct attention to the date on which returns of entries or other matters are to be rendered. They are also to explain how essential it is to the working of such meetings, that those who take part in them as competitors should render cheerful obedience to the Regulations under which the competitions are to be carried out. That as representatives of their respective corps, they should make it their constant care to observe those marked characteristics of good soldiers, neatness in dress, punctuality and good behaviour, which carry with them honor to the individual and credit to the service to which they belong. Par. 406, R. & O., 83.


                                                                                             AID TO RIFLE ASSOCIATIONS.

  1. All Rifle Associations receiving aid out of the Government Grant are required to send to Head Quarters, through the Deputy Adjutant General of the Militia District, a copy, in duplicate, of their Rules and Regulations for approval. Far. 407, R. 4& O., 83,
  2. Each such association is also to send in on or before the 5th December in each year an annual report and return showing the number and dates of prize meetings or rifle matches held, the number of competitors at each such rifle match or meeting, the amount received from competition, the amount received under separate heads from other sources during the year, the amount expended in prizes, and the amount expended for other purposes under the several heads of expenditure. Par. 408, R. & O., 83.
  3. The Deputy Adjutant General of each District will make a return for Head Quarters, on the printed form, on the 30th June, each year, of all Associations in his District entitled, in his opinion, to participate in the distribution of money granted by Government in aid of Rifle Associations during the year. Par. 409, R. & O.,83.


Canadian Cadet Corps, Quebec City High School, 11 June 1890..

Canadian Cadet Corps, Quebec City High School, 11 June 1890..


                                                                                  Military Instruction in Schools and Colleges.

  1. There shall be furnished to every Normal School University, College or School in Canada, in which there are instituted classes of instruction in Military Drill and Exercises under regulations prescribed by Her Majesty arms and accoutrements necessary for the instruction of the pupils thereof over the age of twelve years. 49 Vic,; chap. 41, sec.77.


  1. Owing to the limited means available, the organization of companies will be confined, until further order, to Universities, Colleges, Normal and High Schools. Par. 566, R. & O.,83. .
  2. The conditions upon which arms and accoutrements will be furnished are: That the authorities of each University, College or School make themselves responsible by a written under” taking, for the value of the arms and accoutrements for the entrusted to them, and for their return in good order to the Department of Militia, whenever requested to do so. That they will provide a suitable room, fitted with lock-up arm racks to be used as an armoury, and satisfy the Department of Militia that the arms and accoutrements will receive proper attention and care. That they will cause a company, composed of young men over 14 years of age attending such University, College or School, to be maintained and drilled regularly. That they will supply a roll signed by such of the students as are to form the company at its organization, and thereafter annually a similar roll signed by then existing members of the company. That they will recommend one suitable person to be appointed Captain, and two suitable persons to be appointed Lieutenants to the company, and that they will recommend other suitable persons to fill such vacancies, as may occur therein from time to time. That they will see that the members of such company keep themselves supplied with uniform clothing of a pattern and colour to be approved by Government. If the University, College or school has adopted a special uniform to be worn by all students attending such University, College or School, such uniform, if suitable for use at military parades and exercises will be accepted as the uniform of the company. For other companies the uniform need not be the same in all schools, but each member must wear that adopted for the company to which he belongs. This may be composed of a scarlet, blue, rifle green or grey tunic, or Norfolk jacket, with blue, black, rifle green or grey trousers, and forage cap, or (shako) as may be preferred. Clothing of all pattern worn by cadets or soldiers in foreign countries will not be approved. That the company will be bona fide drilled, and trained according to the authorized regulations for. Musketry Instruction, and in the drill and evolutions for Infantry as laid down in the authorized edition. of the Field and Rifle Exercises. That drill and training in military evolutions, tactics and gymnastics will be made a part of the educational course of the University, College or School, and to this end, that suitable days and hours will be specified and devoted to the acquisition of a knowledge of such drill and military exercises by the company. That the authorities of the University, College or School will see that the company is properly mustered for each drill, that discipline and obedience to orders are enforced, and that none of those belonging to it, or, enrolled therein, be allowed to absent themselves from, drill unless prevented by illness or granted leave therefrom. That the said authorities will permit the Instructors, detailed by the Department of Militia, to discharge his proper function at drill during the period he may be attached to such University, College, or School for purposes of military instruction therein. That the authorities will permit free access to the arms and accoutrements and the periodical examination thereof, and of the Company by any officer which may be detailed for that duty from time to time by the Government. That the said authorities will conform to regulations requisite to secure uniformity in the mode of instruction and for the creation of a quasi-military educational system in Universities, Colleges and Schools in Canada. Par. 567, R. & O., 83. ‘ ‘


Canada's High School Cadets. ca 1900s

Canada’s High School Cadets. ca 1900s



  1. Applications for permission to form companies to be forwarded to the Deputy Adjutant General in respective Military Districts for consideration at Head Quarters, Ottawa. Par. 568, R. & O., 83.
  2. The total number of companies to be so organised is not at present to exceed 74, of which there may be in Ontario, 34, Quebec 24, in the Maritime Provinces 13, in Manitoba 2, and in British Columbia 1. Par. 569, R & O., 83.
  3. These companies are intended to be, instructed in military drill and training only, and upon no account, to be employed in active service. Par. 570, R. & O., 83.

(2.) Under these circumstances neither ball bags nor will ammunition will be issued to any such Company.

  1. Rifles and accoutrements will not be furnished to any University, College or Normal School in which ‘the company will consist of less than forty of the Regulations enrolled students attending thereat. Par. 571, R. & O., 83.
  2. The rifles will be breech, loading of the Snider Enfield or other approved pattern, with bayonet and scabbard complete. Par. 572, R. & O., 83.
  3. The accoutrements will consist of a waist-belts with bayonet frog. Par. 571, R. & O., 83.
  4. Suitable books to be used for Military Instructional purposes by each company’ will be supplied by the Department of Militia and Defence free of charge. Par; 574, R & O.,83.
  5. The services of a drill instructor will be supplied at the public expense from one of the permanent embodied Corps, during one month in each year, or, such further time as may be deemed advisable by the Department, to assist in the instruction of each company; such month may be divided into two equal parts, if considered desirable. Par. 575, R. & O., 83.
  6. The exact dates when the services of such instructor will be available, will be arranged and notified so soon as it is ascertained how many companies will be organized, and which will be the most suitable times to meet the circumstances of each company and the convenience of the authorities of the University, College or School. Par. 576,
  7. & O, 83.
  8. These instructors will belong, for discipline, to the corps in which they are enlisted, and when not required in connection with Universities, Colleges and Schools, they will return to their respective corps for duty and a course of Drill. Par. 577, R. & O., 83.
  9. As the number of Drill Instructors to be supplied is limited, it is desired when an Instructor arrives for duty at any College Qr School, that his services shall be utilized daily on each of the fifteen consecutive days for which he is detailed for duty. Par. 578, R. & O., 83.
  10. Special provisions will be made for instructors in British Columbia and Manitoba. Par. 579, R. &, O.,83.



  1. The Deputy Adjutant General of any Military District in which a Drill Company has been formed shall, during the month of November in each year, or at any other time that may be directed from Head Quarters, inspect such Drill Company, or Companies, and on completion thereof send to the Adjutant General a reporting detail of such inspection. Par. 580, R. & O., 83.






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